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I finally saw Life After Tomorrow on Showtime and immediately wanted to send this note of congratulations along to you. I was incredibly impressed with the way the documentary transcended the story of the musical by becoming a commentary for show business itself. The interviews were very moving, at times very startling - a true exposition of the highs and lows that come from a life on the stage. Your editing was absolutely impeccable. I enjoyed the various media in the rare photos and videos, which each helped to depict the "Annie-craze" that swept the country. So much of the documentary was very nostalgic for me....the clothes, hairstyles, etc. They were as I remembered them when I was first enamored with the show.
-Andy, New Jersey

The documentary was GREAT! I only wish it could have lasted for several hours.
Anyway, thanks for making the show. I really enjoyed it.

-Karen, Kansas

Great job!!!!!!! I know we've never met, but I had to tell you that I had such a wonderful time watching the film this past weekend - it was a total blast to my past. I was one of the members of the 4th National Company - I was in the show for something like 13 months. It was my first big job.
-"Annie" cast member

Let me simply tell you how much I LOVED your film. Of course, it "worked" for me on dozens of different levels, foremost being my incredible pride in YOUR work for such a fine and passionate job. Then, my own connection to "Annie" was duly stroked and satisfied in so many ways. It's an important film in that it discusses and examines a major social issue: the working child and what's to become of her after the "gig."
-Michael, Colorado

I have been telling everyone I know about the film on Showtime and everyone that has seen it thinks it is wonderful! I have watched it about 15 times and just sit in amazement about how most of us felt the same after leaving the show. I am relieved to know that I was not the only one that felt that way because for a long time I thought I was. The film has been very therapeutic for me in a lot of ways so I have to thank you for making it. I'm sure it has helped some of the other girls as well. You did a really great thing and I can't thank you enough. I'm so glad to have met you and I hope to see you again soon. Maybe some day we all can get together for a reunion because one of the girls in the film said that you need to surround yourself with the cast members from time to time because if you don't it can be very lonely and she is right. I have felt empty from time to time even surrounded be large groups because it's just not the same as the connection that we developed with our cast members.
-"Annie" cast member

I just saw the documentary and it was wonderful. My only gripe is that it ended!
I was and still am a huge fan of the original show. I saw the first national tour with Mary K. Lombardi in Chicago (all those years ago!) I also have two very thorough scrapbooks filled with articles, etc. (Most of which you already have on the site.) Again, congrats Julie on a job very well done. Looks like there IS life after tomorrow!

-Rob, Chicago

My husband and I watched your Showtime special "LIFE AFTER TOMORROW" and seriously, WELL DONE. It is an EXCELLENT documentary. Perfectly directed, written, paced and edited. For my husband to sit and watch it is a true test of the quality of this special.
-Hope, Los Angeles

Almost by accident, I came upon your movie on Showtime last weekend. I had not heard of it and was just casually flipping through channels one afternoon; I ended up watching "Life After Tomorrow" five times over the next three days. What a wonderful, moving, revealing and emotion-filled movie you've made. I loved every minute of it, especially the moments that showed you and the other "orphans," as adults, singing "It's the Hard Knock Life" and "You're Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile." A perfect ending! Also, I enjoyed the montage of all the girls singing "Tomorrow."
Thank you for making such an entertaining film. "Bravo!" to you and Gil Gates.

-Doug, Pennsylvania

You included so many women that there was real depth for each topic covered. The construction was in order, told a real story for each woman, and all of you as a group... the beginnings, the experience, and the aftermath. What also really came through was how this was a story that needed telling for so many of them. Their emotions about this time in their lives 30 years ago were so close to the surface and being able to express themselves in your film seemed cathartic for some. It required skill in your interviewing that went beyond your ability to reach out and relate to them as someone who went through it.
- Cheryl, New Jersey

Watched the doc on Showtime, Christmas Eve, and it was superb. I didn't want it to end, it was so moving. Congratulations on all the success. Looking forward to a DVD.
-Scott, New York

Last night I watched Life After Tomorrow with my parents and my kids. My parents and I cried after seeing the film. It's such a great piece of nostalgia. I want to thank you for awakening this part of me that I have buried for so long. When something is in your soul for so long you just can't completely cut it out of your life.
- "Annie" cast member

What a triumph!! I watched last night on Showtime. The movie was wonderful; so well put together, so thought provoking and so heartfelt. My husband watched it with me and found it very interesting. I was so proud to be a part of the movie if even in a small way! I can't wait until Life After Tomorrow gets put out on its own DVD - I'll be first in line!!!
- "Annie" cast member

I enjoyed your well-put-together documentary very much. On the whole though, it was a blessed experience, one I wouldn't trade for anything. I look forward to sharing this with my family and friends as it brings back many memories. Thanks for bringing "us" into the forefront again after so many years!!
- "Annie" cast member

I just wanted to tell you I love the documentary! I don't know what it is that's so fascinating about hearing about everyone's experiences being in "Annie" but I'm totally hooked. Again, awesome film. I'm totally spreading the word.
- Michael

Your special touched me on so many levels. My own tour, two years and two months (if I even remember it correctly), has been buried away for so long. Thank you for your acknowledgment. It's like you gave me permission to take back two years of my life that I have hidden and denied. It was profound.
- "Annie" cast member

I saw "Life After Tomorrow" at the Museum of Television and Radio and I wanted you to know that I really enjoyed it. I remember auditioning for the show on Broadway back in the late 70s. And, then I remember trying out for the movie. I had no dancing experience. I had no agent. But, I wanted to be "Annie". My name is really Annie and I was so hooked on the show, as almost every girl my age was at that time. I knew every song and sang them 24/7. I got my chance to be "Annie" when my grammar school did the play. But, sometimes I still wonder what my life would have been like if I was in the show.
- Annie

Congratulations! The film was wonderful. I laughed, cringed, teared up, felt sad, felt gooey good. Really a terrific story and one I am so glad you told. You should be really proud.
- Amy, New York

Thanks for your well done and affecting film. I found it totally engrossing and ultimately very sad. What an interesting approach and I loved all the 'Annies' and orphans etc. Some of them seem quite well adjusted and, others, well...too bad. This very touching and I think it will find an audience.
- Peter, Los Angeles

I had to write and tell you I thought "Life After Tomorrow" was absolutely incredible. You touched on everything that I would include in defining my experience in Annie. All the issues you delved into have also been themes in my life before during and after Annie. The film was so incredibly insightful and beautifully done as well. I have so many war stories from my time in Annie, but like everyone else, the show was " my obsession " and my largest lesson in life in many ways. I must say that for all we've all been through, we should be proud of ourselves. What I saw in that movie were a group of strong, beautiful, talented and wise woman. Julie, you made a wonderful film that was truly needed. Thank you!
-"Annie" cast member

I just finally got a chance to see a clip from of Documentary from your website...and let me just say...I have goosebumps....flashbacks of the choreography...that I thought I had forgotten...and words to songs I thought I would like to forget....were with me, and I was happy....and sad for not responding sooner....this story IS very poetic...Very proud of you...and US!!
-"Annie" cast member

I was in the 1st National touring company of "Annie. " I was doing the dishes when my husband and his sister shouted that I was on TV. Your special touched me on so many levels. My own tour, two years and two months (if I even remember it correctly), has been buried away for so long. Thank you for your acknowledgment. It's like you gave me permission to take back two years of my life that I have hidden and denied. It was profound.
-"Annie" cast member